The Paper Mill Association

The Paper Mill Association (Moara de hârtie) has initiated and is developing The Paper Mill and the Crafts Village Complex in Comana (Giurgiu county, very close to Bucharest), that consists of 10 creative workshops based on old crafts, that used to be practiced in the Romanian traditional village: weaving at the hand loom, reed mace processing, blacksmith, pottery and ceramics, woodwork, traditional kitchen, traditional mill and bakery, as well as book-related crafts: hand-made paper, letterpress printing and bookbinding.

Our mission is that of being a focal point of synergy between people, crafts and art, doing this by:

1.            Direct experience – the Comana Paper Mill and Crafts Village Complex is open to visitors on selected Saturdays from February to September (please check the dates on our Romanian homepage)

2.            Education and training – throughout the whole year, we organize practical workshops with children and adults, on topics related to creativity and crafts.

3.            Manufacturing handmade objects in the spirit of the old crafts, conceived to be relevant and appreciated in the XXIst century.

During the eight years since the idea of a Paper Mill first occurred to us, we have not only dreamt about the beauty of this place, but also worked a lot in the direction of creating it.

In 2011, we inaugurated in Comana a small Workshop-Museum, a place unique in Romania, dedicated to old book-related crafts. The Paper Mill brought here more than 65.000 children and adults, people who visited the Workshop-Museum and participated in educational and creative workshops of handmade paper, letterpress printing and bookbinding.

Remarking the enthusiasm of both children and adults in direct contact with activities inspired by old crafts, in 2014 we decided to open a new way and to build here, in Comana, a small village dedicated to Romanian traditional crafts. For this dream to come true, we wrote a project, and the Comana Crafts Village could be built due to funds from the Norwegian Government.

Since 2020, we have started working on the idea of the Dealul Morii Kitchen - a community kitchen, for the community but also for all those who visit us.

The Paper Mill and the Crafts Village are not just simple projects; they are real stories that positively impact lives in these times that distract us from the essential. For us, the team, and for many of those who have visited us, The Paper Mill and the Crafts Village are places "like no other in the world." It's true; we don't like to praise them too much, even though they deserve it. We haven't promoted them loudly, although we should have. We haven't conducted fundraising campaigns until now, but we have taken matters into our own hands, confident that crafts and creative activities are a way to live beautifully and convinced that they are worth all the efforts. It hasn't been easy for us, and it still isn't, but the hope that good things happen has always existed in our hearts. That's why we strive for this place to exist, work hard, have patience, create, enjoy those who come into contact with this universe, and, seeing their reactions, we spread our wings.