Conceived as a Workshop-Museum, The Paper Mill has been growing as a space that revives, preserves and transmits Romanian and universal manufacturing traditions. We started with handmade paper, bookbinding and letterpress printing, and starting from 2016 we added seven more traditional crafts within Comana Crafts Village.

Workshop-Museum, living museum or just a place full of stories, The Paper Mill is a space dedicated to books that is unique in Romania, where we gathered traces of the past, letterpress printing and bookbinding equipment (the oldest dated equipment is from 1886), rare engravings and old prints. The Paper Mill is a museum where you do not come just for a visit in order to know more, you come here to be more. You come here to enjoy the experience, to discover things with your own hands and to leave changed for the better. Maybe more peaceful, more inspired, willing to be and to do more than you knew you could.

Visiting The Paper Mill Workshop-Museum, participants will discover the fascinating universe of the beginning of books, of crafts practiced patiently and skillfully. They will have the chance to approach books from a new perspective, to find out new and exciting things about the beginning of paper in Romania and in the world, about bookbinding and letterpress printing. They will see equipment specific to these domains, rare engravings, old prints, but will also listen to the stories around them.

În a more and more digital world, oriented on the material side of life, workshops proposed by The Paper Mill and the Comana Crafts Village are focused on discovering values of the past and one’s own interests as sources of joy and accomplishment.