Handmade Paper Workshop

On Sunday, September 3rd, we invite you on a special journey in the almost lost universe of handmade paper.

You will step in a real story, going round the world and discovering writing materials used before paper was invented, then we shall see how the paper pulp made of recycled paper becomes sheet of handmade paper, good to write, paint or dream over.

The cost of the workshop is 30 lei per participant. Minimum age: 4.

Participants in the workshop will have the chance to visit the complex Comana Crafts Village and Paper Mill, with interactive demonstrations of handmade paper, weaving, ironwork, ceramic modeling and woodwork.

For further details and inscriptions, please contact us at the e-mail address: echipa@moaradehartie.ro or at the telephone number +40-723 266 262.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • EVENT DATE September 3rd
  • PRICE 30 lei
  • HOST The paper mill